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Threat Elimination

Meet with a Cyemptive consultant and receive a complimentary $100 Amazon Gift Card.

$100 Amazon gift card

During the meeting, you’ll learn how Cyemptive’s patented technology, combined with associated trade secret technology, enables a revolutionary cyber defense. Our technologies are preemptive and remove threats before they take hold, in seconds.

Meet with Cyemptive and Claim Your $100 Amazon Gift Card


Cyemptive's service level agreement performance (CyberSLA) provides new, revolutionary seconds-based performance measures and guarantees for our customers.

Cyemptive’s flagship CyberSlice technology rapidly and effortlessly isolates cyberattacks, providing protection that is faster and far more effective than current existing systems.
Cyemptive’s CyberScan technology is a revolutionary platform that scans the state of your environment to detect encryption and stop ransomware and many other forms of malware before they become a problem.

Imagine a world where the threat of a cyber-attack is eliminated. Imagine a unique, non-signature based, in-line technology that detects and removes threats in real-time, not depending on human-based intervention. Our comprehensive services, revolutionary technology and disruptive solutions fulfill this vision.